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海外取引・輸出入/An overseas transaction and export and import


I am looking for the original business-contacts point of our company overseas, gaze at the future, and am trying hard every day. These days, inviting an overseas company to Japanese inspection etc. adheres to the original activity of our company, and I am working positively.




The time (- to imagine - to investigate I test a few) when it is considerable challenging a new thing, a labor, a decision, a chance, connections, a cooperator, and a necessary condition are unfathomable. I see the situation where present company was placed. How am I? But if nothing is done, I can start anything. What is at the point of a challenge? I am pleasant to be bright [ on a breast ] in such great expectation, and blow away a depression. What do you challenge first of all? A starting point is the starting point of all the success and failures.