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社員募集/Employee recruitment


Our company is a company incorporated in November, 1968. In addition to the track record for 42 years, I acquired management innovation planned recognition in a cutting line in 2013. I am beginning to develop a purchase, repair, and sale of the present used machine as the second enterprise. Moreover, I gaze at reduction of economy domestic [ future ], and the talented people etc. who can also do simultaneously the export-and-import enterprise of processing parts or a used machine in a preparation plan as for the engineer and English conversation in there are needed.
 On the other hand, I think that the idea over Japanese work and the posture which faces each other are coming at the time which I regaze at. I earn money and it is only the life which makes its living? It is splendid to become more rich than people? I concentrated on the advantage and we have made the state of the heart desertion.  
 As a result, I caused the mental damage (debility of soul), and I have missed happiness, pursuing happiness. The improvement is a very difficult problem with a big subject. The person who experienced the same trouble and difficulties, and people with the same mind should just gather. Everybody wants to keep forever the corporate climate which sympathizes with others. The talented people who ask are those who have confidence in human love.


職種 製造業務全般。中古機械業務全般。技術・生産管理業務。貿易関連業務。
仕事内容 上記に関連する仕事。
応募資格 普通免許。工業高卒以上、又は何れかの業務の長期経験。
勤務地 基本は会社工場。他は上記業務に準じて。
勤務時間 AM8:30~PM5:30。残業・休出は強制も制限も無。
休日 土・日・祝日。夏季・年末年始・ゴールデンウイーク/会社カレンダーによる
給与 136,400~350,000。やる気と能力でどうにでも。
待遇 家族手当。交通費全額当社計算規定。各種保険完備。