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代表からのメッセージ/The message from representation

                                     大和ハウス会長 樋口武男


"The economy without morality" is a crime and "the morality without economy" is somniloquy. sontoku Ninomiya said.

"When man lives, the right and wrong of the heart which are not right and wrong of the head are the most important."

Language of Tennpuu Nakamura

 Fate does not follow the human being who does not protect people's morality, who does not cherish parents and who covers sand over a benefactor.                                     Daiwa House chairman   Takeo Higuchi

... The people with virtue are blessed with a certainly good cooperator, without being isolated.      Analects

 Strength is not distressing people and winning. It is helping and pleasing people by the strength. Iimura

        It is wonderful when one person also has those who become fine now.
               ... It is to people about the shower of a good word...